Custom Car And Motorcycle Culture In Japan

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As the sun goes down, Tokyo transforms to a wild and exotic playground for those who like to pour on the speed. As a method of expression, the custom vehicle scene thrives in Japan. You’ll meet some truly unique characters and get to ride along in some of the most exotic vehicles you’ve ever seen. Lamborghinis, Hayabusas, RWB Porsches, and some Kaido Racers make up a feast for the eyes on the streets of Tokyo at night.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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Discovery Channel presents a special one-hour documentary – Flight 370 – The Missing Links – which gathers the foremost thinkers in aviation and security to explore key questions surrounding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Perfect Storms


The biggest and most consequential disasters of all time are captured in this riveting documentary series.
Combining on-the-ground investigation, detailed scientific analysis, aerial photography, visual effects and eyewitness interviews, Perfect Storms investigates every angle of these massively impactful events, many of which have never been explored on television before.